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Best Places to Work Award

June 23rd, 2023

CanNorth is proud to announce it was the named a Human Resources Director (HRD) Canada's "2023 Best Place To Work." From HRD's website:

"...HRD Canada sought out the Best Places to Work in 2023 – looking at a myriad of categories from culture to learning and development opportunities to mental health and technology. And while it was a highly competitive category, several companies emerged triumphant.

According to HRD’s research, each company had an average employee satisfaction rate of 83%, with 20% of the workers having opted to stay with their organizations for over 10 years – showing excellent retention rates.

The best places to work in Canada share a commonality: happy employees who feel valued and supported in the challenging new world of work.

However, the awardees of HRD Canada’s Best Places to Work 2023 go beyond just making their employees happy. These organizations prioritize their employees’ needs along with equipping them with the tools and resources for success.

Along with competitive compensation, benefits, and perks, this year’s best Canadian companies to work for are creating positive cultures that foster a sense of community and shared purpose among their employees."

CanNorth's General Manager Receives Medal

November 17th, 2022

Peter Medal

Peter Vanriel, CanNorth’s General Manager, received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal from the Government of Saskatchewan for “Demonstrated exceptional qualities and outstanding service” to the Province on November 17th, 2022. The medal was awarded by His Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, who is also a Lac La Ronge Indian Band member!

Peter has served on numerous Government of Saskatchewan committees, including those related to the environmental code, environment, science, and advanced technology. In addition, Peter is the Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Saskatchewan. His duties include being a resource for economic development, trade, education, and cultural exchange between Saskatchewan and the Netherlands.

Cultural Connections Development for CanNorth

August 12th, 2022

This learning opportunity was graciously offered by Jack Saddleback, a member of the Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacis, AB, who is currently in our Community Division team as a Human Environment Specialist.

Jack presented to CanNorth staff a deeper look into Indigenous worldviews, the importance of "tobacco offerings", and how CanNorth can/is doing its part in addressing the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

This was part of a bigger objective of growing traditional tobacco offering plants here at CanNorth in relation to reconciliation! Huge thanks to Jack!

CanNorth celebrates 25th anniversary!

August 11th, 2022

August 13th, 2022 marks CanNorth's 25th anniversary. An early celebration was held on August 11th where staff celebrated with food and a giant cake.

They were joined by Kitsaki CEO, Ron Hyggen, and Kitsaki CFO, Alan Sklapsky. CanNorth has grown into one of the largest full service environmental and heritage services consulting companies in western Canada and employs over 80 staff members currently. Here's to the next 25!

Kitsaki Management's July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022

There are lot of exciting news items in Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership's July newsletter including a feature on our very own Kelsey Carlson! Kelsey discusses her roots and what led a La Ronge-born girl to a career in biology in, "Turning a Love for the Outdoors into a Career."

Other articles include:

Farewell from Russell Roberts

Meet Kitsaki's New CEO Ron Hyggen

Making Camp Life More Like Home

Finding Joy and Opportunity if Life on the Road, and much more. Check them all out here!

"A pathway to creating community-informed decisions" in PotashWorks

March 1st, 2022

CanNorth Human Environment Specialist, Katie Suek, recently contributed "A pathway to creating community-informed decisions" to PotashWorks 2022:

"We design community-based studies and engagement plans in a way that accounts for, and holds space for, information received through western science, local knowledge, and Indigenous knowledge, and we regularly hire and train local community members (or community liaisons) to support or lead engagement activities and research programs in the communities where they live. The pathway to creating or enhancing community-informed decision making is as unique as the clients and communities we work with. Do not hesitate to contact CanNorth for support to advance your engagement goals."

Read the full article here!

"Heritage Rights and Indigenous Involvement" in the Potash Producer

April 6th, 2021

CanNorth archaeologist, Alan Korejbo, recently contributed "Heritage Rights and Indigenous Involvement" to the Potash Producer.

The Potash Producer is an e-newsletter delivered each spring, summer, and fall leading into PotashWorks 2021 magazine. The highly targeted audience reaches potash producers, procurement people (buyers and procurement managers), various engineers, union representatives, government officials, CEOs, directors, GMs, branch managers, foremans, and so many more.

Please click the link above!

CanNorth: Saving the Past

March 1st, 2021

"Saving the Past" by CanNorth archaeologists, Alan Korejbo and Brent Kevinsen, was recently featured in PotashWorks 2021:

"CanNorth has been involved in many interesting heritage projects. CanNorth archaeologists were called in to investigate after a back-hoe operator uncovered several large bison skulls during an infrastructure project in Saskatoon. Upon examination, CanNorth archaeologists determined that the skulls belonged to Bison occidentalis, a species of extinct bison that roamed around the Saskatoon area between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago; the skulls were much larger than our contemporary bison."

Read the full article here!

CanNorth Office is a Test Site for a Novel Decontamination System for the Virus that Causes COVID-19

June 2nd, 2020

Geosyntec Consultants Inc. has partnered with Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. to develop decontamination equipment to safely and reliably raise building atmosphere ozone concentrations to a predetermined and precise target virus-treatment concentration. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, does not survive high ozone concentrations. After the ozone concentration is maintained, the levels are quickly reduced to non-detect. Advantages of this method are it is more comprehensive than wiping, spraying, or fogging, it does not leave a dangerous chemical residue like some other disinfection methods, and it does not require handling of regulated and often hazardous materials. This technology is being deployed under the name Sanozone™.

The partnership has also developed a way to use the equipment to produce low concentration liquid-phase ozone that can be applied using sprayers or power washers to various locations, such as subway landings, outdoor dining and common areas, benches, handrails, floors, streets, and various other surfaces. Liquid-phase virus disinfection is currently used for virus disinfection in a number of industries and, with modest safety considerations, may be safely applied in occupied spaces or with temporary access controls.

CanNorth is proud to be a test site for this innovative technology!

For more information please contact Sean Frisky or Trevor Carlson (

Minister Sohi Visits CanNorth

September 13th, 2018

The Minister of Natural Resources Canada, Minister Sohi, visited CanNorth’s Saskatoon office this September for a meet and greet with Peter Vanriel, Cassandra Rees, and Alyse Kambeitz. As a Green Job Intern, Alyse’s Biologist position has been partially supported by the Natural Resource Canada’s Green Jobs Program, which has enabled her to gain valuable experience working on aquatic assessments and monitoring for various clients in the natural resources sectors. Minister Sohi was interested to learn more about how CanNorth and Alyse have benefited from the Natural Resource Canada’s Green Jobs Program. After discussing project and internship experiences, Minister Sohi toured the CanNorth office where he met other staff and learned more about the services CanNorth offers.


CanNorth: Stewards of the Environment

January 13th, 2017

Soil Science

CanNorth (Canada North Environmental Services) was recently featured in PotashWorks Magazine! We offer the technical skills and knowledge to deliver solutions for managing environmental risk in ways that benefit the client, satisfy regulatory requirements, and offer First Nations people and local communities employment, training, experience, and economic benefits. Read "CanNorth: Stewards of the Environment" in PotashWorks 2017. Also, check out "Frogs, fish, and hard hats" in PotashWorks 2016!

CanNorth Announces Expansion

January 12th, 2016

Markham officeCanNorth is proud to announce our recent expansion to include a Risk Assessment Division. Our Risk Assessment Division provides a full range of capabilities in human health and ecological risk assessments for a variety of sectors including mining operations (development, operation, and decommissioning), contaminated and industrial sites, power generation (natural gas and nuclear), and public health. This division also has specialized expertise in water and sediment quality modelling. These skill sets complement CanNorth’s existing strengths in aquatic and terrestrial environmental services as well as hydrology, heritage, and community services.

CanNorth’s Risk Assessment Division consists of individuals with extensive previous experience in consulting. The division leaders have over 20 years of experience and are considered to be experts in their field.

Our Risk Assessment Division office is located in Markham, Ontario. Please contact either our Saskatoon office (tel: 306-652-4432; fax: 306-652-4431) or Markham office (tel: 905-604-7400; fax: 905-604-7405) or toll free: 1-844-700-4432 for further information as to how we can use our additional capabilities to serve you.

Ambassador Cees Kole of the Netherlands in Ottawa visits CanNorth


Ambassador's Visit to CanNorth - March 27 2014On March 27th, 2014, CanNorth was honoured to host Ambassador Cees Kole of the Netherlands in Ottawa. During his visit, information on CanNorth and INCAS3 was presented, including the collaborative effort between the two companies in developing specialty water quality sensors by INCAS3 and the field testing of the sensors by CanNorth. This was followed by a discussion on further collaboration between the Netherlands and Saskatchewan. Finally, the Ambassador was given a tour of CanNorth’s new facility. Following the Ambassador’s visit we were pleased to hear from Judie Dyck that “The Ambassador was very impressed.” CanNorth is looking forward to continue working with INCAS3 to further develop and test the water quality sensors, and the assistance the Ambassador and his staff can provide for working with Dutch companies.

Left to Right: Ambassador Cees Kole of the Netherlands in Ottawa; Judie Dyck, Honorary Consul of the Netherlands; Peter Vanriel, General Manager of CanNorth; Dr. John van Pol, Managing Director of INCAS3; Dr. Heinrich Wörtche, Scientific Director of INCAS3.

CanNorth's New Home


211-Wheeler_cannorthBldgIn May 2013, CanNorth moved to a new home on Wheeler Street in Saskatoon’s north end.  The new building was designed just for CanNorth with further expansion in mind.  In keeping with CanNorth’s ISO14001:2004, the building was constructed in consideration of green concepts.  This includes the use of DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) environmentally friendly wall system, which consists of modular panels made from recycled blue jeans, LED lighting, and parking lot plugs that adjust the current according to temperature.  The new building also features a large warehouse for equipment storage, a walk-in freezer, and a laboratory.

CanNorth’s new building and employee, Shawn Roberts, were featured in recent articles in Opportunity North.