CanNorth Projects

CanNorth has completed more than 1200 projects nationally and internationally.  Given our diverse capacity and specialized skill sets, CanNorth also collaborates with other consulting and engineering firms.  Some of our major client types include:

  • Mining companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Utilities companies
  • Construction companies
  • Crown corporations
  • Government (federal, provincial, and municipal)
  • First Nations
  • Non-profit organizations

Select examples of the types of projects we frequently conduct are listed below.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) – CanNorth has completed EIAs and Technical Proposals for many projects including the Star-Orion South Diamond Project (Shore Gold Inc.), the Meadow Lake Bioenergy Center (Meadow Lake Tribal Council), and the Edam SAGD Project (Serafina Energy Ltd.). We also provide regulatory liaison services, such as permit application preparation, oil and gas proposal preparation, and technical review.

Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) – CanNorth routinely completes EEM studies at metal mines and has been involved in all stages from the study design of Phase 1 assessments through to Investigation of Cause (IOC) studies. Client examples include Cameco Corporation, Orano Canada Inc., Golden Band Resources Inc., and Silver Standard Resources Inc.

Environmental Monitoring Programs – CanNorth is an industry leader in Environmental Monitoring Programs and Environmental Performance Reporting to fulfill provincial and federal licensing requirements for mining operations. We also provide on-site environmental monitoring and auditing services to ensure regulatory compliance. Client examples include Cameco Corporation, Orano Canada Inc., K+S Potash Canada, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, SaskPower, and SaskEnergy.

Environmental Baseline Studies – CanNorth designs and conducts comprehensive terrestrial, aquatic, heritage, and hydrological baseline studies for large-scale projects. Some examples include the Millennium Project (Cameco Corporation), the Roughrider Project (Rio Tinto Canada Uranium Corporation), and the Thompson Ultramafic Project (Vale Canada Ltd.).

Risk Assessment – CanNorth provides a full range of capabilities in human health and ecological risk assessments for a variety of sectors including mining operations, contaminated and industrial sites, power generation (natural gas and nuclear), and public health. This includes experience in the assessment of metals, petroleum hydrocarbon compounds, persistent organic pollutants, volatile organics, emerging contaminants, and radiation as well as specialized expertise in water and sediment quality modelling.

Environmental Screening – Every project begins with identification of issues that may pose project constraints during construction and operation. CanNorth completes thorough desktop screenings to identify species at risk, vegetation community, wetlands, fisheries, heritage resources, soil stability, existing level of disturbance, and any other environmental features that are unique to a project area. Site visits are used to verify desktop studies. Client examples include SaskTel and Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

Focused Biological Surveys – CanNorth conducts a wide variety of specialized biological surveys. Select examples include species at risk studies, breeding bird studies, ungulate surveys, fish spawning, community, and habitat surveys, and amphibian acoustic surveys.

Soil Survey and Assessment – CanNorth completes specialized soil surveys and assessments to provide information for reclamation activities and best management practices. We also complete soil, biological, physical, and chemical (including nutrient) sampling. Recommendations are provided for project routing, access, and site maintenance, and develop site-specific erosion and sediment control programs.

Heritage Resources Impact Assessments and Mitigation (HRIA and HRIA-M) – CanNorth regularly completes HRIAs and HRIA-Ms for Crown Corporations, and oil, gas, and mining companies.  Some of our clients include SaskPower, SaskEnergy, Cenovus Energy Inc., Crescent Point Energy Corporation, Rio Tinto Canada Uranium Corporation, and K+S Potash Canada.

Ecological Classification – CanNorth geomatics specialists perform spectral analysis on satellite images to estimate habitat in study areas for environmental baseline studies. Habitat analyses have been completed for numerous clients including Rio Tinto Canada Uranium Corporation, Foran Mining Corporation, Hanson Lake Sands Corporation, Golden Band Resources Inc., and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

Environmental Management Support – Most projects require regulatory review and approval. We provide regulatory liaison services to ensure that project permissions are obtained in a timely manner, prepare technical proposals, oil and gas proposals, DFO applications for Authorization, permit applications, private land checklists, and much more. We have obtained numerous permits and approvals for clients in the mining, oil and gas, transmission and distribution, municipal development, facility development, road works, and bridge works sectors.

Habitat Compensation Planning – Habitat compensation planning can be used to mitigate or offset impacts to fisheries, wetlands, and upland habitats, when avoidance is not feasible. Detailed habitat and population information is used to calculate the quantity of compensatory measures such as habitat improvements or restoration. Wetland, upland, and fish habitat offset plans have been developed for Shore Gold Inc., Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, K+S Potash Canada, and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

International Projects – CanNorth has been involved with environmental studies, research and development programs, local collaboration, and community liaison services in several countries including Panama, Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Chile, France, and the USA.