Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety

CanNorth is committed to realizing the highest level of occupational health and safety standards. This applies to staff in field and office settings as well as to contractors working on- and off-site. The culture of safety is embraced by management and staff alike, and all CanNorth employees are dedicated to accomplishing the company’s comprehensive health and safety program. A testament to our on-going commitment, CanNorth has earned the Energy Safety Canada COR certification as well as ISO 45001, an international certification for health and safety. CanNorth is also a proud member of ISNetworld, which links prospective clients to safe and dependable contractors.

CanNorth underwent a COR audit in 2018 and earned a perfect score of 100%. Previous scores were 97% (2015), 99% (2016), and 99% (2017). The auditor's report stated, in part: "The score of this COR Certification Audit is 100%. An incredible accomplishment! The Health and Safety culture created and fostered at CanNorth provides the foundation for such amazing performance. 100% commitment is apparent from the General Manager to the newest hire. Your organization is a model for all others to emulate. A strong health and safety culture has a whole new meaning for me since my time with you and your personnel.”